What will I Learn?

It's 2 days of one-on-one training with DaVinci Resolve in Melbourne, Australia. Learning a software interface is the easy bit and there's a lot of good books and videos out there, but having an industry trained telecine colourist sit with you as your learn to "see colour" and grade is what makes this course unique. The course works through the examples in The Color Correction Handbook. We start off with basic contrast and primary colour correction and finish with some advanced creative techniques.

Together we will work through a myriad of colour correction situations as participants operate the grading panel. Even if you will be using a mouse to grade at home, the joyballs allow you to get a better feel for the colour grading experience and will help getting you up to speed ASAP.

You can also bring in your own footage that we can experiment with. The beauty of one-on-one training is that we can focus on your specific objectives and work at a pace you're comfortable with.

Below is a video on two different methods for grading Log. All modern cameras have some sort of Log recording, so it's essential to understand how to treat this material.

Two different approaches to grading Log material

Below is a video showing you how to use the parade and vectorscope to balance your shots. Grading without scopes isn't an option as your eye is often easily tricked.

Introduction to Grading with Video Scopes

Below is a video showing you how to use Resolve and Spectracal Calman software to calibrate your monitor.

Calibrate your Video Monitor

Who Should do the Course?

Whether you're a DOP, Editor, DIT, Director, Film Student or just want to use color to make great images, then this is the course for you.

"I have been to hundreds of telecine sessions throughout my career and thought I knew a reasonable amount about correction. That was until I spent two days with Tim Farrell learning to use DaVinci Resolve."

Matt Stewart ACS

Other participants include Warwick Field ACS, Peter Beeh, Kim Batterham ACS, Marc Spicer ACS, Simon Ozolins ACS, Erika Addis (AFTRS).

Display Calibration

I also offer ISF calibration (certified since 2006) for your TV's and monitors. It's critical to make sure you're seeing the right image!

Simulation of ISF Calibration

This is an example of the sort of improvement I witnessed after calibrating my Panasonic plasma with Calman and 10 point gamma and white balance correction and CMS adjustments. Priced from only $250!

What do I Get?

14 hours of one-on-one training

Color Correction Handbook (ebook)

USB Drive of grading sessions and LUTs

Certificate of Achievement

Reference can be written for students


Below are some TVCs telecined from neg and graded at EFX and Famous Studios with the DaVinci 2K desk. It was fun and satisfying to work in Mumbai as the clients were keen to experiment and the DOPs first class. I especially like the Amelie look in the Tata Indicom advert and the greeny wash in the Sony spot. All this stuff was done in standard definition, but even so, ah 35mm.... It's great Nolan, Tarantino and others have taken up the cause, because it almost died.

Tim Farrell's Showreel (View at 720p)